The Uncanny Secret to Company Culture as a Competitive Advantage

I used to think that company culture didn’t matter much.

In fact, whenever I heard other CEOs and friends of mine preach about the power of culture, I didn’t totally get it.

Sure, I kept hearing it from really smart guys and gals but I never truly got it.

It all seemed like a bunch of bologna to me!

I mean, how important could “intangible” things like culture, core values, team cohesiveness, etc…really be to your bottom line anyway?

Hint… a lot!

Once I opened up my eyes and ears to the power of company culture, I saw the importance of creating a happy and supportive team… one that can attract other A-players and ultimately grow your company’s capacity for greater profits, impact, and joy.

Culture is one of the key components of the Evolved Enterprise model, remember?


Company culture is going to happen whether you like it or not. It’s going to be there via osmosis or it’s going to be intentional.

Even if you can’t quite put your finger on it, I bet you can always tell “good” culture from poor culture.

That’s what makes it so elusive and that’s why I was so excited to host a special conversation with Jason Korman, the co-founder and CEO of Gapingvoid, a culture design group.

Over the last decade, Gapingvoid has helped companies as diverse as AT&T, Roche and Zappos, as well as a slew of startups, understand and change their culture in ways that no other firm has been able to achieve.

And that’s what we tackled together in a fun, slightly irreverent way…just like the art that comes out of Hugh McLeod and GapingVoid.

Check out the replay below… Some of the topics we covered include: 

  • How culture can be designed and build from the ground up
  • How and why to think of your company culture as the most powerful ‘management system’ you have
  • The three-step system to architect your culture
  • How representing your culture using semiotic designs drives adoption at the fastest rate
  • And much more…