Compostable Phone Cases – Pela Case-Study

Did you ever imagine having a compostable cell phone case? Read on…

Pelacase is the first of its kind to double down on using compostable “flaxstic” (a plastic-like material made out of flaxseed) to make stylish cell phone cases. The cases are not only eco-friendly, they’re actually beautiful, durable and ultra high quality. They even have a line just to help the Ocean and that’s how we got connected.

Matt Bertulli, one of the co-founders of Pelacase, has agreed to do a full-on Evolved Enterprise Case Study.

Check out the interview at for powerful insights and real-world ways an Evolved Enterprise creates a true competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Right now they are doubling in size every 90 days and on track to go from a multiple six figure business to an eight figure business in under 16 months!

Some key points covered in the interview:

  • How and why to make the product the cause, rather than wrap a cause around a product
  • How to strike the balance and not be perceived as taking advantage of a cause for your the sake of your marketing
  • How to sell to the heart and make saving the planet more human-level and accessible
  • How to use social and product reviews to generate up to 70% of your sales!