Authentic Copywriting Masterclass & Digital Workshop

Finally! A Way Out of The Sometimes Sleazy Sales and Manipulative Marketing Methods You’ve Been Pressured to Use

Here’s the Evolved Approach to Sales & Marketing That Actually Outperforms these Outdated Ideas…And Always Leaves you Feeling 100% Confident, Aligned and Ecstatic...Just Being Yourself

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Hi there -

My name is David.

I’ve been working and learning with Evolved Enterprise for over a year now. I’ll share my story with you in a moment.

But first I believe I’ve pieced together a new way of selling that doesn’t involve “selling out”. It’s a better way to make more profits and create greater impact unlike what’s traditionally being taught and practiced.

The fact is - it’s not your fault.

If you look at most marketing courses or sales training materials, you’ve been taught that it’s all about “getting to yes”. It’s about conversion rates and optimization. It’s about maximizing revenue and transaction value.

Even the language used in digital sales & marketing sets you up for failure:

You get the idea...

It all sounds more like some sort of military operation instead of a way to provide value and engage deeply with your prospects.

We’ve been taught to use negative emotions….fear...scare tactics...and fake scarcity. Essentially whatever it takes to make the sale.

But if you're like me, you want your product or service to stand on its own...

To not feel like that cliche used car salesman with the slicked back comb over.

I don't want to feel like I'm manipulating people.  What I want is for them to fall in love with my product or service... and see how it really, truly can help them…  

...but until now I thought I’d have to bite the bullet and just follow the same old advice I believed could make me more money…


Have you ever made the sale, but felt so dirty you needed to take a cold shower after? I did whenever I’d feel forced to put on “the act”.  

I remember  a bit back when it was my first week of selling web design services, pulling out my sweat drenched palm for handshakes… blatantly lying through my teeth, saying I had years of experience in the industry…  

I was just telling people what they wanted to hear… but I was DYING inside… and it was getting harder and harder to look myself in the mirror...

It’s no wonder so many people feel a little “icky” or “off” when it comes to sales. Think of the words that come to mind...






“Money Hungry”

Go ahead, you can probably name a few more!

You’re Seemingly ONLY Left with 2 Choices

On one hand, maybe you’ve rationalized to disconnect from what you know is truly right and maybe pushed the edges a bit. Your sales are good but you use somewhat questionable ways to influence and persuade your prospect. You still sleep pretty good at night knowing you’re delivering value but you wish you didn’t have to rely on “old school” ways to make profits. You realize you’re a bit out of alignment but you aren’t sure what to do about it.


You cannot bring yourself to use any of the marketing “tactics” others might use. You really dislike the idea that you even have to sell. Why would you? You believe the value of your product or service will be immediately visible and people will just beat a path to your door.
And you have such a big mission - you shouldn’t have to market. It’s not fair. You cannot understand why so many people ignore your emails or Facebook posts but you chalk it up to them not understanding. At the end of the day you’re frustrated and feeling financially strapped.

Introducing Evolved Expression…

Now the good news is these outdated tactics are working less and less.

Your customers and prospects have become smarter than ever.

They see right through traditional marketing.

For instance, let’s take a somewhat silly example. What if I was “selling” the moon to you and I said it was “pristine” and “just like new.” You might believe me and even buy it. (“You know they aren’t making any more lunar property - so you better snap it up!”)

But today with the interconnectivity of the Web, the countless reviews, the increased power of information - it’s a different story. To me, it would be like looking through a high powered telescope first, before buying. And now everything I say isn’t taken seriously. The moon that looked really big and bright with our naked eyes - now all of a sudden you see every blemish, bump and meteor crater. You get the full picture.

No wonder consumers have pretty much seen it all and become jaded in the process. All marketing speak, ad slogans and platitudes you use, are simply discarded.

Testimonials? “Hmmmph...are they even real?”

Countdown timers and deadlines? “I bet there’s a better deal somewhere else or a coupon. Or let’s clear our cookies and beat the system.”

I mean look at the tools marketers have created for each other. Fake timer web scripts, one-time offer generators or “dominator” this and “killer” that. Is that really what we want? A bunch of ways to trick and manipulate our prospect into giving us money?

There’s a new way...and we’ve called it “Evolved Expression”.

Watch this 3-minute video as I corner Yanik to get his candid take on how to align your head (marketing smarts) with your heart (the authentic alignment of what you really stand for):


Why You Should Be SO Charged Up by This New Kind of Persuasion

While the tools for REAL, trust based communication are out there, so many business owners are missing the mark… because the old ways of manipulation HAD been working just “fine”...

But now it’s 2017… and those methods are like rusty gunked up car parts taking up space in your marketing mobile.

Hype no longer sells like it once did (thankfully)...

Today’s most effective form of influence is speaking directly to your customer’s heart. We call it “A.T.V.”, which stands for Authenticity, Transparency, and Vulnerability.

(If you like you can even think of it as ATV OFFROAD Marketing - marketing where you have to drive off the beaten path.) 😉

Let’s break them all down...

Authenticity — Keeping it REAL. Walking your talk. Have fun! Be true to yourself and your core purpose. Let go of who/how/what you think you’re “supposed to be,” and wholeheartedly embrace who you truly are. Be yourself, fully—originality in action.

Transparency — Be open about your agenda. Make your intentions clear. Prove it through your actions. Going beyond the surface to share what’s deeper.

Vulnerability — Transparency & authenticity both require vulnerability — the ability to be open to attack from all fronts in order to be seen fully by those who are meant to receive your message or truth. The more in touch you can be with your vulnerable self, the more universally your message will be received.

Authenticity +  Transparency +  Vulnerability  =  Trust

You know when someone or a brand really uses this well. It’s the thought leader whose emails you read regularly and you can’t wait to see their Facebook updates. It’s the company that takes you behind the scenes and makes you feel like you are really part of something more. These are the guys that have A.T.V. down pat.

I’m not alone in these ideas that could have
a profound impact in the world:

“A lack of transparency results in distrust and a deep sense of insecurity.” – Dalai Lama

“Honesty and transparency make you vulnerable. Be honest and transparent anyway.”– Mother Teresa

“Vulnerability is the core, the heart, the center, of meaningful human experiences…Being vulnerable and open is mutual and an integral part of the trust-building process.”

― Brené Brown, Author Daring Greatly


If done right, this is the key to making an even bigger impact and greater profits in the process... simply by being yourself…

Who Else Has Figured this Out?

One of my favorite Evolved Enterprises, Patagonia, has been a stalwart example of ATV. Here’s an ad they ran on Cyber Monday in 2011 that blatantly stated, “Don’t Buy This Jacket.” This ran totally counter to anything traditional marketing would tell you.

I love this bit of the ad:

“Because Patagonia wants to be in business for a good long time—and leave a world inhabitable for our kids—we want to do the opposite of every other business today. We ask you to buy less and to reflect before you spend a dime on this jacket or anything else.”

This contributed to sales being up 40% for a two-year period following this ad. I doubt it’s just attributed to this campaign, but I think it’s a long-term mindset about the purpose of business.

And one story Yanik reminded me of is one of most little-known copywriters who really got this...

John E. Powers, a copywriter from the 1900s, wrote this ad for a Pittsburgh department store in severe financial trouble:

“We are bankrupt. We owe $125,000 more than we can pay, and this announcement will bring our creditors down on our necks. But if you come and buy tomorrow, we shall have the money to meet them. If not, we shall go to the wall.”

And this ad was said to be responsible for saving the store.

Another ad written by Powers, for a different merchant, proclaimed, “We have a lot of rotten raincoats we want to get rid of.” This sold out the entire inventory of raincoats by the next morning.

Talk about vulnerability, transparency and authenticity...he had it in spades...and it worked big time.

How I Stumbled Onto These Ideas...

A year and a half ago I didn’t know the first thing about marketing, but that didn’t stop me from applying and then becoming an apprentice with Yanik and the Evolved Enterprise team. I wanted to change the way business is played (and actually still do).

My specific role during this apprenticeship was to grow with the copywriting program, dubbed “Evolved Copy”.

I found myself surrounded by some of the top marketing minds around.

Guys responsible for many multiple million dollar ventures, ideas and concepts... through the power of words alone.

Let’s just say that I was a little intimidated to be presenting copy work to these guys!

Luckily, each of them are humble people, so it’s been easy to absorb their unique strategies.

During this in depth learning experience, I also spent a lot of time researching other copywriters and methods.

One thing became clear to me relatively quickly...

We’re doing things differently here at Evolved Enterprise.

We were pretty dead set against sleazy sales tactics, no false scarcity plays, no NLP brainwashing mumbo jumbo

(this stuff can work, but why use it if you feel in full alignment not doing it).

Instead, the goal has always been to create a strong and authentic relationship based on trust, giving and support… and wouldn't you know it but it leads to more profits, impact, and fulfillment too!

Now, if that sounds a bit like fluff to you, don’t worry. It actually works for nearly every business.

Now the catch is, this “authentic messaging” doesn’t come naturally to most entrepreneurs... or copywriters… or people, for that matter.

It’s kind of a learned skillset, just like playing the violin, and in today’s unresponsive world, it’s one of the most important ways to grow your audience and your business.

Many of those who have mastered it are at the top of their respective industries and rising, as authenticity speaks directly to the heart, bypassing the brains BS filters and touching people where they actually feel it and are inspired.

After being encouraged by our team to link up with my Evolved Enterprise copywriting co-conspirator David Weber (poet-turned-copywriter and co-creator of this course), we pressured Yanik…bugged him… and kept nudging him… to allow us to distill these ideas into a system that business owners can absorb and adopt. A way to cut the learning curve to authentic marketing by years…

My copywriting co-conspirator David Weber

Well, Yanik finally caved in and agreed to help us lead the charge here and bring this course to life… .

...SO now, here we are, giving YOU the opportunity to get the same experience we’ve had.

Well, actually, yours is quite a bit better! We were able to pull even more marketing and copywriting legends, who really get this new way of thinking....

Think of them as the Justice League of Evolved Marketers

We’ve assembled an ALL STAR LEAGUE of eight marketing legends (and some surprise guests).  

While they’re all extremely powerful entrepreneurs, storytellers, and copywriters in their own right, when they come together, it helps move forward a New Kind Of Power

How to Sell without
“selling out”

The Evolved Marketing Alliance and I will be guiding you and supporting you every step of the way, taking your hand through an unmatched eight week course to enhance your digital (and in person) messaging via authentic human connection.

You’ll not only grow as fast as other manipulative and “less ethical” companies, you’ll have the secrets to creating a truly authentic organization known for its trust.

Why are all of these experts excited to come together and work with you?

Because of what YOU represent.

YOU are the impact driven entrepreneurs who can change this planet with your businesses. We NEED you to grow your businesses into formidable forces for good, so collectively we can actually stand a chance at improving this planet.

The ripple effect here can be profound.

A Message From Yanik Silver

Things have never been this good...

You have the ability to CONNECT with so many different people, so rapidly, through so many various channels…

Send out an email to your list, do a post on facebook live, snapchat to your fans, tweet about the latest news, promote a new blog post…

It’s possible to reach previously unimaginable audiences.

And if you don’t have a community yet, then there are multiple (cheap) resources you can use to acquire them (think Facebook/Linkedin/Instagram etc…)

But you’ve also never had it this "BAD"...

You’ve also never been bombarded with so much white noise… so many sponsored posts and ads hitting us left and right… from marketers and friends alike, wanting our attention. The number of advertising and marketing messages we are exposed to has grown exponentially.

This has led to each of us developing our own fairly sophisticated B.S. meters.

Honestly, I feel like I may have even inadvertently contributed to this “noise” at some point too by teaching copywriting and “Internet Marketing 1.0” ideas.

Now I am offering you an alternative...

A true way out to find your story and your message, and to uniquely craft your voice so it speaks directly to the HEART of your customers, so you’ll never ever have to feel even a little bit “off” by selling.

Trust me, they will finally be able to see, and hear, why your business matters.  And they will help you profit immensely for showing them

I started as a copywriter...and I absolutely believe this is one of the skills that’s invaluable to learn. The art of copywriting gives you the ability to leverage and share an influential message beyond one-on-one communication. It’s scalable. Whether it’s a video, an email, an entire website - you can share the message with tens of thousands, even millions of people...perfectly.

Look, I’ve been in business on my own for a long time (two decades actually), more specifically in marketing most of my adult life. From helping doctors to attract more patients, to helping business owners create better sales material, to assisting people all over the world in selling their own expertise and knowledge online, to putting on massive seminars that showcase the best of “what's working now” to digital marketers…and quite a bit more…

I’ve always taken pride in ensuring we deliver 10x – 100x the value over and above what they paid me and it usually worked out that way too…

Many would say that I went all the way to the “top of the game," making millions and serving tens of thousands of happy customers.

There was only one problem though…it was the wrong game!

I knew I was moving in a good direction with my life and career, but there was still this nagging feeling that I just wasn't bringing my highest work to the world, that I was simply “going with what I knew worked” and doing the safe thing.

But I heard that little whisper turn into a scream, a thought that kept leaking in, that I could do more, that I SHOULD do more. This program can help you align with that big change in your life.

Let’s work together to change business as usual.


Evolved Expression Course Material:

Authentic and Powerful Copywriting and Marketing Messaging

The 8-Week Evolved Expression Roadmap:

Week one: Evolved (ATV) Copywriting Foundation
with Yanik Silver and Tom Bell

Your Marketing Mentor:  Tom Bell, one of the original online marketers to leverage his copywriting ability early on to create 9 figures in profits

In this week you will:

  • Get the collective wisdom of 40+ years, A-Z BREAKDOWN, on marketing and copywriting. Everything from buyer psychology, to avatar design, to creating a “slippery slope” of interest...even down to perfecting your product name and the ideal word count of your pitches.
  • Discover exactly what foundations to keep that still work in 2017 and which to chuck in the trash.
  • The 100,000 foot overview on this new way to be AUTHENTIC, TRANSPARENT and VULNERABLE - designed to easily drive more profits, joy, and impact for the long haul.

Week two: Authentic Branding
with Sally Hogshead and Re Perez

Your Marketing Mentor: Sally Hogshead - Fascination Advantage, Global Brand Growth Guru, International Hall of Fame Speaker, #1 NYT Best-Selling Author “How the World Sees You”

Sally believes the greatest value you can add is to become more of yourself. Because of this belief, she has created the Fascination Advantage®, the first personality assessment that measures how others perceive you - now taken by over 600,000 people.

Your Marketing Mentor: Re Perez - CEO of Branding For The People. Re uses his experience with Fortune 500 branding to elevate small businesses to “major league level”

Branding is one of the hottest topics in the business world. It’s also one of the most misunderstood. Re demystifies branding, explains the difference between branding and marketing, and demonstrates why you need both (branding and marketing) to play the game of business in today’s marketplace

In this week you will:

  • Get the complete breakdown of AUTHENTIC branding from two of the best in the industry, to FINALLY carve out your unique and profitable space in the market.
  • Create a “true brand” with its own powerfully singular voice, to stand out in a crowd and to be easily identifiable by the right customers.
  • Captivate your audience through fascination to double down on what makes you different because as Sally says, “Different is better than better”.
  • Find out why building a professional, world-class brand beats the offer/launch/new offer mode and develops more trust with your ideal clients.
  • Position your brand as THE market leader.

Week Three: Maverick Marketing Research With Lukas Resheske

Your Marketing Mentor: Lukas Resheske is a Marketing Research powerhouse and highly experienced teacher of copywriting who has been dubbed the “the copywriter millionaire’s recommend” by his clients.

In this week you will:

  • Find out this one SECRET and never be surprised again by the decisions your buyers make.
  • Harness the power of ATV surveys to organize your audience for success.
  • Gain THE INSIDER SECRETS he learned during his apprenticeship with the highly acclaimed marketing mogul and creator of the “Ask Method”, Ryan Levesque (Ryan is the guy who patented SurveyFunnel and was known for collecting over 52,000 new email addresses a day- leading to $120 Million Dollars in yearly revenue).

Week Four: Jungian Archetype Avatar Design With Kylie Slavik

Your Marketing Mentor: Kylie Slavik - Story Alchemy, Avatar Design and Soul Graphics specialist through archetype. An “accidental digital marketer” with a lifelong obsession with story, her very first Facebook Ads Campaign performed at 2000% ROI. Kylie says “What I’m most proud of is that I’m proving that marketing can be empathy driven, and still wildly profitable. I’ve taught this to everyone from solopreneurs to 8 figure companies.”

In this week you will:

  • Understand the little-used and little-understood deep mythological and archetypal sides to your customer that are hard-wired into our psyche from ancient times until today.
  • Discover the esoteric art of Kylie’s process of “Soul Graphics”. This goes way beyond demographics and psychographics to tap into the core of what motivates your customer on a soul level.
  • Unravel the “stories” that are in your customers heads, so you can connect to their narratives and find your business’s place in their lives.
  • Be able to think exactly like your potential customers, and start noticing the small changes and tweaks that create big differences for higher profit, impact, and joy.

Week Five: Story Crafting Mastery
With Patrick Combs and Marc Gutman

Your Marketing Mentor: Patrick Combs - Patrick is a top-rated, widely known keynote speaker and thought leader on passion, possibility, and heart-based business. He’s shared stories and strategies from his journey with millions of people around the globe for almost 25 years.

Your Marketing Mentor: Marc Gutman- Marc Gutman was a Hollywood screenwriter for years where he learned from some of the best storytellers in the world. He has written scripts for Any Given Sunday and Osmosis Jones, collaborated with A-Grade directors including Oliver Stone, and currently helps business owners to deliver their most compelling sales stories to their perfect prospects

In this week you will:

  • Get the simple step-by-step process that allows you to create "Hollywood blockbuster" stories for your sales message in minutes - even if you're not a writer, hate talking about yourself and feel about as creative as a broken #2 pencil.
  • Learn how to tell your story in a totally impactful and unforgettable way to deeply connect with your audience’s heart every time.
  • Discover tried-and-true methods to leverage the extraordinary power of personal stories for yourself and your company.

Week Six: Empathy DEEP Dive
With Chris “Money Fingers” Haddad and Mary Dee

Your Marketing Mentor: Chris Haddad - Legendary direct response copywriter you can’t hire at any price. He’s pretty much written for every subject. His copy has pulled over 9 figures in sales for markets ranging from language learning, to real estate investing, to natural health, to texting your ex back… and he wants you to know what messages work, so your businesses can create massive impact.

Your Marketing Mentor: Mary Dee - Having recently helped one of her companies go from zero to $40 million in sales for its first year, Mary knows a thing or two about running a happy and thriving digital organization. She'll show you how to empathically communicate with your team, vendors, and clients, so you you’ll WANT to be TRANSPARENT about your company’s inner workings!

In this week you will:

  • Pour gasoline on the fire of your customer connections by learning how to feel for them on the deepest levels.
  • Gain the almost psychic sixth sense of strong bring out the secret desires of your audience. Desires they don't even know they have and would be SHOCKED if you told them (This one skill is worth the price of admission)
  • Know how use THE TRUTH to tantalize and excite your buyers, so they continue coming back for more of your products and services.
  • Finally find the right words to use from the start to get people to quickly engage your business, and actually evangelize your services to their peers!
  • Have your team, clients, and vendors feel validated, knowing that they have actually been “heard”

Week Seven: Positioning and Finding Your Impactful Hook
With Yanik Silver and Nate Rifkin

Your Marketing Mentor: Nate Rifkin- He went from loading boxes at a shipping company to becoming one of Agora Financial’s top copywriters. (This is a big deal because Agora is a 9-figure powerhouse in the direct response industry and they spend millions each year on copy alone.) Along with his powerful copywriting chops, he’ll give you the tools to reinvent your business and possibly even your life too.

In this week you will:

  • Understand how to best position your products, your services, and your mission, to reach greater profits, impact, and joy.
  • Discover how to lock in your core offer, and compel your customers to SUPER GLUE it to the forefront of their minds.
  • Start to see the right buyers fall into your laps

Bonus Week: The Soul of the Sales Page - Vision Tech Team

Your Marketing Mentors: Dmitriy Kozlov- Vision Tech Team and Influex CoFounder and Mike Budny - Conversion Specialist who helped spearhead growth to over $22 million in profits at a previous company.

In this week you will:

  • Revolutionize your own website and sales page, so that the authentic “soul” of your business shines through from the visitor’s first click until they seamlessly glide through to their final purchase.
  • Understand how to optimize your webpages for higher conversions without relying on the over-the-top “tricks” and tactics others add to their pages.
  • Learn the most cutting edge digital marketing strategies to give your authentic messages a perfect showcase online.

CapStone Bonus:

Personal Help Building
Your Own Evolved
Email Marketing Campaign

Yes there is a lot covered in this course, but there is one specific bonus you will love, one final deliverable that will give you instant results...

Your own Evolved Email Marketing Campaign.

While this course is offering you a full opportunity to raise your game holistically overall for selling, persuasion, and customer relationship building you’ll get one “secret weapon” that can quickly and easily get you 3x, 5x, or even 10x your investment.

Together we will build out an Evolved Expression ATV Roadmap to co-create a powerful email sequence for your prospects or customers. The idea is to get immediate results so everything else you ever apply from the Evolved Expression sessions is icing on the cake. And you won’t be left alone to figure it out.

You’ll get personalized critiques of your email sequence to ensure you are on the right track and it has everything you need to immediately show you a return by using the framework. (It’s hard to even put a value on this type of hands-on help).

What You Get with the Evolved Expression Copywriting MasterClass & Digital Workshop:

In other typical sales letters and marketing pieces, this is where we add up all the pieces and bonuses showing you the significant value you get and how buying now is such a bargain. As you might imagine, we’re not interested in “typical”.

Hopefully by now you have a realization if this course material will be useful to you or not. And whatever value we assign would be arbitrary so let’s not even go there.

Okay, so how much?

Your investment is just $695.

That might sound like a little or a lot. Hopefully a little if you factor in and consider how important this is to the overall business. How you use marketing, sales, stories, positioning, branding, etc. for just about each piece of your company. A little if you consider each of these experts, if you could even get them, typically charge more than this for 1-2 hours of consulting. And a small fraction of the value if you finish the Capstone Evolved Email marketing campaign bonus with us.

Our Cause Partner-Village Enterprise

We’re proud to say that a percentage of every sale will be going directly to Village Enterprise. This organization harnesses the incredible power of entrepreneurship to drive revolutionary and lasting change in poverty-stricken villages in East Africa. The charity works with individuals in the most remote and rural parts of East Africa. Most have never attended a formal school. 80% are women. All live below the extreme poverty line of $1.90 a day. Their track record is incredible as they have started over 33,000 businesses and already trained over 136,000 East Africans...

What’s more, their statistics show something remarkable:

“A Business That Village Enterprise Helps Begin,
Has A 7x Higher Likelihood To Survive It’s First 4 Years
Than The Global Average”...

Your Promise To Us

The information in this course is quite powerful. It can be used to help A LOT of people… but it can also be dangerous in the wrong hands.

Please… only sign up for this program if you are willing to step up your game, put in the work, and use this power for good.

Evolved Expression Code Of Ethics:

  1. I will use these marketing techniques for good.
  2. My business will be a lighthouse for others.
  3. I will honestly and ethically present my products and services to prospects and customers.
  4. I will honor each assignment that my Evolved Marketing Mentors Ask of Me.
  5. A percentage of the profits that I make from this enterprise will go towards causes that positively impact the world.

An “Evolved Experiment”

We’ve talked about Authenticity, Transparency and Vulnerability and we need to be a bit vulnerable and totally transparent here

One admission is this course is new (there are no testimonials or success stories we can show you yet). And it’s an experiment so that means we have no idea if we’ll teach this again.


Well, we honestly don't know if we'll have enough students to make this viable or even if we are going to be able to find the right students who really believe in the Evolved Enterprise concepts and want to actually use these ideas to make a bigger impact.

The plus side is you’re probably going to get even more help and attention because we’re dedicated to making sure you get a 10x return on your investment. Not only from bringing in the top marketing minds for you to learn from but also by making sure we over-deliver on the personalized critiques and truly assists to really fuel the fire for your mission and your impact.

We want you to become an “Evolved Marketing Hero” for your team and your customers by the end of this program.

Your Chance To
Change The World

Think of the movie, The Matrix, where Neo has to make a decision. Right now you’re at that spot. Do you take the red pill, or the blue?

Turn left, and everything stays the same.

Nothing changes, nothing improves; you can be confident that your results will be the same as always…

If you have any sense of being 

Uncomfortable or feeling a bit “off” when you’re selling -- it means you’re NOT truly fulfilling your greatest work. That means your will suffer because of this lack of alignment. Not only just diminishing your bottom line, but also dimming the impact you can have in the world.

If you feel like you have a greater gift to share and you want to get it out in a bigger way - Evolved Expression will empower you to craft the ultimate message for who you are and what you stand for.

It’s your choice now.

Come on this journey and let us give you the POWER to move your VOICE toward the results that you REALLY want.

To mastering your message,

- David Muntner


P.S. In case you have a few lingering questions,
we’ve answered the top ones here:

Q. Will I hurt my reputation if I’m too authentic or Transparent or Vulnerable? +

The old way of thinking was to position ourselves as the all-knowing and all-powerful experts. We could control the narrative and spin. But today, your consumer wants and expects to go “behind the curtain” with you. Fear is a good thing here… because it can lead you to courage.

Think about this. Your most captivating stories are generally the ones hardest for you to share… they pull off your mask… they take away your protection. That’s where the vulnerability lies, and until you take yourself to that revealing place you’ll never get the raving fans you could.

Now there is a balance though. The expression “TMI” - too much information applies here because there is a line that is inappropriate to cross. You’ll get the guardrails in the lessons.

Q. But what If I’m A Terrible Writer? +

So you failed English class?

No problem. This course is designed for all levels, from the novice to the experienced copywriters. The lessons  share greatly enhance your ability to write to compel, but more importantly, we will show you how to connect deeply with your audience. Evolved Expression will teach you how to be your authentic self and get rewarded for doing exactly that.

Q. What if I’m Already A Copywriter? +

You may already know that copywriting is by far the highest paid profession for any writer, and at the same time, nearly every business has a need for this powerful skill.

For those of you with experience copywriting… it's pretty much guaranteed you've been ethically challenged by the “shady” elements of selling and persuasion. This program gives you the revolutionary tools to craft the most effective and authentic “voices” for your products, and to infuse your messages with heart, trust, and effectiveness.

Q. I’m a busy entrepreneur… Will this course take up a lot of time? +

Yes and no. There’s wasted time and there’s invested time. You should still commit to a minimum of 1 and ½ hours to 3 hours each week to get the absolute most out of this masterclass. Also, keep in mind that the more time you spend on your homework action steps, the more growth you’ll see.

Q. If I miss a live Lesson, can I still get access to the recordings? +

Yes. Most entrepreneurs have super tight schedules, so we understand you might not be able to catch all these sessions live. Once you join the program, you’ll gain access to the vault of previously live mentoring sessions. You can go back to these recordings at any time and/or share them with your team as well.

Q: When Does Week One Start? +

The first live workshop begins on November 20th, though the course actually starts the second you sign up 🙂