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...and with your help we can continue to fund entire villages of micro-entrepreneurs in East Africa, lifting thousands of people out of extreme poverty!

Hey, it’s Yanik Silver...

I’m thrilled to invite you to be part of the Evolved Enterprise Partner Program.

Here’s the quick, two-minute version to scan:

The demand for Evolved Enterprise has been beyond anything I could have hoped. And not just the book…the last two years have been a great adventure of expanding these concepts, seeing them work wonders, meetings with industry titans and traveling across the globe.

It’s been a real adventure.

The one common thread throughout it all has been, well, I guess the word would be...


It seems that people just feel relieved when they discover that they really can live up to their highest passions and ideals and create a business that aligns with their souls AND make more profits in the process.

I sure know I do.

That’s why I’m excited to that we’re making each launch itself into an Evolved Enterprise example.

One of the “launch elements” we considered, obviously, was the impact we’d have aligned with the book. We were going to work with one of our long-term cause partners, Village Enterprise, which works to lift Africans from extreme poverty through entrepreneurism. We had always planned to make a donation toward their work -- but could there be something more?

I was journaling about how we might present them in “the launch” and then something jumped out at me, part of their got me thinking...

“What if we could actually take entire villages out of extreme poverty together?”

We are looking to strategically develop a complete grouping of 50 complementary businesses an entire village would need to prosper.

Each new three-person business costs $500 to start and benefits an average of 20 people. Doing the math means we need $25,000 to fund an entire village of 50 micro-enterprises (that’s 50 x $500). The impact will be 1,000 people lifted out of extreme poverty (50 businesses x 20 people).

For each new Evolved Enterprise Launch, the intention is always to directly impact as many people as we can!


I would love to see this sort of promotion get more popular in the world, and you will see exactly why that is in just a bit. Suffice to say I am VERY proud of what my team and I have put together, and I’d like you to be a part of it! You’ll end up richer on so many levels from it.

Unlike most launches, our goal isn’t typical here. It’s not just to generate profits and give our partners a great way to earn commissions. We also want to lead by example and put the Evolved Enterprise concepts on full display.

By that, I mean actually use them in the launch itself!

We're focusing on creating a real, tangible impact with every sale – not only helping our customers, and helping you, the affiliate partner, but also others who are in need of help as well. After all, Evolved Enterprise is all about building a "baked-in" impact into your business that reliably drives higher profits as well.

There’s a massive shift happening in business right now. Focusing primarily on one profit metric is no longer the best way to succeed in the market!

Every day, more and more entrepreneurs are discovering that when they build their businesses around a deeper, more meaningful purpose… not only do they experience a higher level of joy and fulfillment from their work - they also gain huge advantages over their competitors.

  • They Attract and Keep ‘A-Players’
  • They Get More Media Attention
  • They Get More Customers (And pay less to acquire them) Because Your Community Want to Be Part of Your Mission
  • They Make Significantly More Than Other ‘Profit-Only’ Competitors (Up to 1400% more according to one comprehensive 15-year study)

The research is in and the data is astounding. It’s a true competitive advantage and you can share this message with the community you serve. Our mission is to change the way business is played - and we want to help drive the Evolved Enterprise revolution forward.

That's why this launch is something altogether different. It’s not only a good way to make yourself solid commissions, it’s also your opportunity to do something truly good in the world.

Help us ignite a global movement for using entrepreneurship as a force for good by partnering with us! You’ll also be making a meaningful impact with every sale - and have the chance to win some truly unique prizes.

Keep reading to find out more about that…

Launch Dates

Our next launch dates are to be determined.  Make sure to sign up now to get all the juicy updates as soon as they become available!

Here are Just a Few Prominent Influencers Who Have Helped Push The Evolved Enterprise Mission Forward

  • Sir Richard Branson / Virgin Unite
  • Jeff Walker
  • MindValley
  • Eben Pagan
  • Damien Zamora
  • Ryan Levesque
  • Garret Gunderson
  • The Foundation
  • Early To Rise
  • Dori Friend
  • Cameron Herold
  • Dan Martell
  • MindMovies
  • Mike Dillard
  • Mike Filsaime
  • Ryan Deiss





Here Is What Some of the Business World’s Most Respected Thought Leaders Have to Say About Evolved Enterprise

“There’s a transformative shift in business, and what worked before is no longer an option. It’s time for evolved entrepreneurs, visionary creators, and change makers to rewrite the rules of business for the 21st century.”

Tony Hsieh, NY Times bestselling author of Delivering Happiness and CEO of

“…Must read for anyone who cares about creating a company that matters.”

Cameron Herold, author of Double Double

“Business is now the largest institution on earth and with that power comes a new responsibility and a huge new opportunity. Evolved Enterprise fulfills that opportunity by outlining the framework for creating a meaningful impact while growing your profits and contributing to the world.”

Lynne Twist, author, The Soul of Money, co-founder, The Pachamama Alliance

“Excellent & Evolutionary. Clear & Concise.”

Richard Saul Wurman, creator TED

“If you’re satisfied standing still and being stuck with the status quo, save yourself some time and simply skip reading this book. But if you’re ready to embrace the adventure of creative entrepreneurship for the new century, Evolved Enterprise is one of the most engaging ways I’ve discovered to guide you towards a more meaningful future, more fun, and better finance! All at the same time!”

Ari Weinzweig, co-founder Zingermans

What I Think of Yanik Silver and His Crazy Idea to Build an Entire Village of Evolved Entrepreneurs By Tom Bell

When I first heard about what Yanik was up to, I had the following thought...

“Cue Up All 3 Million Subscribers & Run This Thing As Many Times As It Takes To Take Home The Top Prize. I Mean, After All, This Is Yanik We’re Talking About…”

Only one problem with that…

The last time I HAD 3 million subscribers was in 2012, and my financial situation changed drastically just afterwards.

Back when my companies were doing 8 to 10 Million a year, I had no shortage of friends in the marketing world, and getting people to promote an offer for me was pretty darned easy.

When the money dried up, the sad truth is, 99% of the marketing “big shots” were suddenly too busy to return my calls.

This stung more than I can even articulate. It really sucks to be “overlooked.”

I can count on one hand the high earning industry leaders that never gave up on me, and Yanik Silver is right there at the front of that list.

Here’s why that matters...

The guy is a genuinely good human being and a friend who will stick by your side, even when there isn't a nickel to be made.

I was digging myself out and building my career again, when I told Yanik I had no list to promote and help with the launch. I told him something I could do was do a little writing and lend a hand to the “cause.”

So here goes...

The True Centerpiece Of This Launch Doesn't Have A Darn Thing To Do With Books, Courses, Or Swag, It Has To Do With A Bunch Of Desperately Poor People In East Africa...

He and his people have been working with an outfit called Village Enterprise – a group that pretty much walks in lockstep with the Evolved Enterprise principles and brings their expertise to the impoverished people of Saharan East Africa.

They help with:

  • Business Training
  • MicroFinance
  • Mentorship
  • Logistics

Here’s the thing though…

Their success rate is SEVEN TIMES that of the average American startup!

Put another way, they are REAL GOOD at what they do.

So, not content with helping a few individuals, Yanik gets this wild idea to fund and stand behind an entire village.

And I have little doubt he will succeed at it either, with our help.

So, I’ll hand it back to Yanik, with just this as I go...

It truly sucks to feel forgotten, and when you have a good friend that treats you with respect and dignity no matter what - whether you’re a crazy copywriter or an East African villager - you’re grateful.

Yanik, good luck with the launch, and as you read this, sign up, promote, then promote it again, hit me personally if you want some custom swipes. I'll do it out of respect for the mission..

Tom Bell

When I first released Evolved Enterprise, the message inside received a ton of praise from business titans such as Richard Branson, John Paul DeJoria, Tony Hsieh and many others.

These are visionaries who see the writing on the wall and know that what worked in the past won’t continue to work in the future.

The idea behind this concept is simple.

Entrepreneurs CAN align their business with a meaningful cause that gets them inspired and passionate about their work - while driving even higher profits.

Now that some time has passed since it was initially released, we’ve had time to get back a lot more stories and case studies of people putting the Evolved Enterprise concepts to work here in the real world.

Not only has the book been updated and expanded… but our back-end Evolved Business Blueprint has been completely redesigned and our Evolved Enterprise CO|alition membership has been seriously improved too!

Your "Secret" Profit Weapon

We have found through extensive research and real-world implementation that being able to truthfully say that we are making no profit on the front end package yields MUCH higher conversions and customer loyalty -- translating to more commissions on the upsells for you.

You’ll get to be an authentic hero AND make a solid profit when people choose one or more of the advanced offerings just after the main sale!

Meet the Profit and EPC Drivers we have used for past launches…

Upsell Opportunity #1 - Evolved Business Blueprint

Especially designed for newer entrepreneurs and startups


$399 (discounted from $499)


40% commission to you

This is a comprehensive 12-week course that we carefully designed to guide you through applying the Evolved Enterprise framework to your own unique situation, passions and business.

The course is broken into 6 modules, each one laser focused on one core pillar of the Evolved Enterprise framework:

On top of that, we’ll be including carefully selected bonuses drawn from our library of in-depth business training…

At $399, that makes for a smart up-sell offer for those just getting going with their idea… so it'll be easy to convert initial leads to buyers and earn immediate up-sell commissions.

"I am super impressed with the course and how every learning style is covered. I can't imagine how you could possibly improve on it, short of being physically in my living room. The support and follow-up email prompts are AWESOME. I need those gentle reminders.

From a customer service point of view, it doesn't get any better. I don't believe there are any courses that deliver all the elements of service like Evolved Enterprise does. I reckon it's the "best bang for your buck" course out there.

I love how authentic Yanik is in the videos, sharing his life and passion with authenticity, and I absolutely love the spiritual connection, which is a heartfelt thing that shines through, drawing people together to help Make a Difference in the world and in our own way.

Thank you so much for the phone call and support.
I feel like a valued student of Evolved Enterprise.
How awesome is that!

Cheers and thanks again."

Fiona Grayson
The Community of WE - Women Evolved

Upsell Opportunity #2 

Our Flagship CO|alition Community

This is for more experienced entrepreneurs ready to accelerate their business growth.


$2,995 or 3 payments of $1,144.


Membership includes multiple consulting strategy calls and other involved features but there is still a significant 30% commission to you!

In addition to everything included in the front-end offer, CO|alition membership is loaded with a host of other benefits.

CO|alition members will become an Accredited Evolved Enterprise. Members receive accreditation, complete with an official credibility-buiding badge to display on their website.

CO|alition members get every resource needed to succeed in building an Evolved Enterprise – including comprehensive education, expert advice & feedback, a legendary peer group, even an opportunity to be featured in national media like USA Today.

Now for the REALLY interesting part…

Just as you would expect, we’ve got a couple cool prizes in the works for the top performing affiliates, and we always want to give you another kind of incentive as well - one that’s completely in line with the Evolved Enterprise principles we believe in.

Our mission is to empower people to create a meaningful impact and use their unique gifts to make the greatest contribution possible.

We do that through the Evolved Enterprise book, Evolved Business Course, and the CO|alition.

Win One-of-a-Kind Prizes Like a Trip to Richard Branson’s Private Tropical Island

We’re not ready to announce all the prizes for our top affiliates just yet - but here’s a taste of what you can expect…

Our top affiliate will win a spot to attend the private Beach Party on Necker Island, Sir Richard Branson’s personal island paradise (a minimum of 150 book bundles must be sold to be eligible for this prize). 

If you’re the winner, you’ll get to spend the day hanging out with me, Sir Richard and a whole host of highly successful Maverick members. The connections and innovative insights you can gain from being in such an intimate environment with these top-level business leaders is invaluable. And it’ll be a LOT of fun. More prizes will be announced soon.

How to make sure you have the
best chance of winning…

  • Put together an irresistible bonus package that’s aligned with the content of our program.
  • Mail as often as you can while the cart is open.
  • Mail 2 to 3 times on the final day - this is when most of the action happens!

A few rules to remember...

DON'T offer cash incentives, prizes that you have to buy or pay for, or any other kind of bribe.

DON'T use cookie stuffing, spamming or other shady tactics.

DON’T misrepresent our product/offer.

DON’T use negative words such as 'scam' in any promotional campaign.

DON'T portray yourself as me in your marketing efforts. Make it clear that you're promoting as a partner.

It's very important to me that we practice what we preach about ethical entrepreneurship and conscious capitalism... I reserve the right to disqualify you from any bonuses, prizes or other incentives if I feel you're not doing business ethically and professionally.

Here’s a recap on exactly what your support in our launch means…

IMPACT - Every ounce of support you give us is directly tied to making a meaningful difference:

  • A portion of every sale goes towards funding the building of an East African village.
  • A successful launch here will raise the bar for product launches and inspire the industry to a new standard.


Our core team has ample experience executing and supporting successful launches and is completely committed to your success in a number of ways:

  • We’ll provide custom swipe copy for emails, Facebook ads, etc.
  • We’ll help you earn more commissions through FB Remarketing on our own dime from one of the best in the business (Nicholas Kusmich).
  • We’ll provide custom promotional imagery on request.
  • ...and more!

Here’s What to Do…

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