Pretty Good Advice – With Leslie Blodgett

Called the “Queen of Beauty” and the most influential singular woman to impact the beauty industry by the New York Times, you’ve never met anyone like Leslie Blodgett.

Not only does she do the splits on boardroom tables, as CEO and creator of Bare Minerals, Leslie pioneered the original power of community (before the idea of social media existed)—reinventing how beauty was sold.

Her warmth, empathy and authentic bond with her global community of fans, along with her unconventional approach, set a new standard that continues to shape the beauty business today.

In 2006, Leslie took the company public in one of the largest cosmetic IPOs of the decade, and in 2010, the company was acquired for $1.8 billion.

Pretty Good Advice is Leslie’s next chapter. This refreshing book features 97 candid and entertaining insights on business, life, and beauty.

Everything in this book is honest, all tried (and sometimes failed) by Leslie.

Personal and often surprising, Leslie dishes on leading with humor, and why “You owe it to your co-workers not to be boring.”

Pretty Good Advice is full of frank, actionable advice to help light a fire under you, as is this exclusive author interview and Q&A… Enjoy!