“The Healing Organization” – Interview With Michael Gelb

The Healing Organization advocates for the idea that done right, business can alleviate suffering and elevate joy in our lives–while delivering even higher performance.

Employees, customers, investors–all want to do business with companies that have a positive impact on people, communities, and the environment. Even so, many in the business world remain sceptical of the idea that focusing on human flourishing makes you more profitable. And those who have believed in this notion are increasingly frustrated that businesses are losing an opportunity to influence the world in a positive way when they focus solely on making profits.

Raj Sisodia and Michael J. Gelb were inspired to write The Healing Organization because of the epidemic of unnecessary suffering connected with business. Through case studies of such companies as Appletree Answers, WD-40, and Chobani, the book shows how companies that have gone to great lengths to help their employees or solve a societal problem have also reaped both financial and societal rewards.

In this interview we dive into:

  • The original intention of capitalism, where it went awry (and how we can rebalance it)
  • How to apply the concepts of The Healing Organization in your business
  • David Hawkins ‘Power vs Force’ as applicable in business today
  • The ‘four energies’ every healthy person, family, company and country needs in order to stay balanced and functional (and the shadow side inherent in each)
  • How to take ‘The Healing Oath’ to transform your business from the inside out

And much more. Enjoy…