Why Impact Matters For Your Business

Just recently I was one of the featured presenters at Unusual Intersections.

It’s a private gathering of leaders and ideas from divergent industries collide, mix, and come together to create new blueprints that solve real business problems. I was really excited to present the concepts of Evolved Enterprise here and even more excited that they’re making the videos public.

Check it out. It’s short, just 14 minutes and 36 seconds but has some of my most crystallized thinking on WHY an authentic impact is your greatest lever to re-invent, re-think and re-imagine your business.

00:00:25 – Yanik Intro
00:01:25 – Yanik’s brings up the question…
00:01:45 – Yanik explains how his cosmic alarm clock went off
00:02:55 – Yanik teaches how to use business as a canvas to create art
00:04:10 – Yanik goes through the three T’s
00:05:35 – Yanik goes over the impact scoreboard and TOMS shoes
00:06:25 – Yanik goes over Impact Model #6 Source Matters
00:07:20 – Yanik goes over “Giving Keys”, Impact Model #8
00:09:00 – Yanik goes through the greatest lesson of his life
00:10:45 – Yanik’s superpower is to catalyze the catalysts
00:11:15 – You are not only the actor in your own life…
00:12:32 – Write the business love story…
00:12:58 – Connect your head, your heart, your higher purpose..
00:14:10 – Importance not to take yourself too seriously 😉