Global Goals Birthday Brainstorming Party

Three years ago, 193 countries of the United Nations came together and created the ambitious Sustainable Development Goals. These goals declared that by 2030 we would be the first generation to end extreme poverty, the last generation to be threatened by climate change…and the generation most determined to end injustice and inequality.

We believe the Evolved entrepreneurs, visionary leaders and Mavericks that will be ones to change the world. Because where most people see the world’s biggest challenges, we see the world’s biggest opportunities.

September 25th marks the historic adoption of the 17 Global Goals, it also has even more meaning for Yanik personally because 9/25 is his birthday and Yanik was actually there in NYC when the goals were launched.

Now each September 25th has now become a day of action for organizations, institutions, and businesses across the globe to come together. I figured my action is to help more entrepreneurs figure out the greatest impact they can make through their business or work.

It’s the idea that your business could actually make more profits while making a real impact.

Not only can this concept grow your bottom line but it can actually create a truly sustainable, competitive advantage and re-ignite everything you do with more joy, happiness, and meaning to fulfill a higher mission.

So that’s why for Yanik’s birthday, the whole Evolved Enterprise team celebrated by holding a totally LIVE brainstorm to help you authentically create a bigger purpose with your company that ultimately makes a difference in our world.

It was a bit of a freewheeling discussion on how to:

  • Choose the right global goal to align with your greater purpose in your business (and give you a competitive advantage).
  • Turn your greatest challenges and pain into your business’s greatest strengths.
  • Ensure you are sharing the impact you’re making in selling stories and more…

And then we had a few guest attendees drop-in like:

  • Stephen Clarke who shared how he is able to feed 5,000,000 people across North America with a for-profit model where everyone wins. He sold his successful advertising and marketing agency to one of the world’s largest advertising agency. But quickly finding himself bored with the retired lifestyle, he was challenged by his mother to tackle the issue of homelessness.
  • Joshua David Bruce from “The Best Deodorant in the World” on how he completely scrapped his successful 7-figure company in order to start with a clean slate on what would be the best product for consumers and the world.  

And then lots of brainstorming with attendees where the team worked “without a net” figuring out the best way to make an impact and adds to the bottom line. We had all sorts of industries and different people across the board to learn from and model.

Check out the replay here….



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