Evolved E-Commerce with Raj Jana of JavaPresse

On the right you’ll recognize Daymond John, one of the Sharks from the hit-show “Shark Tank.”

And on Daymond’s left?

The other handsome gentleman is Raj Jana, Maverick NEXT member and Evolved Enterprise Coalition member.

He originally came to us as someone who had already had an extremely successful 7-figure eCommerce company, Javapresse.com, selling coffee accessories but was looking for more. Then he went on to apply the Evolved Enterprise framework he has taken his business into a whole new place.

It started with his WHY.

It wasn’t just to sell more coffee accessories (and now coffee).

There was something bigger.

And this bigger purpose we developed around a movement he’s called #StayGrounded. It’s a way of being in the moment, even introducing mindfulness to these little moments in the day that bring joy into our lives…like having coffee.

Raj has told us he jumps out of bed excited now to get to work because there’s something more. You have to check out his site for a great example of what he’s doing.

Okay let’s get back to Daymond John…

Raj’s success and deeper purpose put him on the radar of Daymond John.

Guess what?

Raj was sweating bullets before the meeting, unsure how his company would be viewed by this celebrated guru.

But it turns out that Daymond was really impressed.

In fact, here’s what he said after meeting Raj:

“Made me look at a traditional product in a whole different way.” – Daymond John

You can imagine the number of pitches, products, ideas and businesses Daymond sees, right?

Having an Evolved Enterprise made a “traditional product” totally different.

Check out this interview where Raj chat’s with Chris Hay about how installing the Evolved Enterprise framework has impacted his business and life…

We already have some great examples like Raj – but need a few more to ensure it works across the board. In order to do that we are taking a few more private coaching clients, like the kind of work we did with Raj, but going even deeper over several months together.

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