Finding Your Right Story with Marc Gutman

At Camp Maverick, I was lucky enough to connect with Marc Gutman, one of our camp counselors.  He’s got quite the “story” resume, having worked on Hollywood scripts with Oliver Stone and even co-written major motion pictures like Osmosis Jones and Any Given Sunday.

Marc left Hollywood to become a tech entrepreneur, as he’s been known to proclaim “entrepreneurs are my people”.  He’s now combined his interests with his passions and created a top tier story branding company called WILDSTORY.

Watch my brief interview with Marc below, where he touches upon what it takes to tell your “right” story.

You’ll find out:

  • Where to fish for the right stories
  • Why most business owners miss the mark when telling their stories
  • How the right story can dictate where people spend their money
  • and much more


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David Muntner

David is a copywriter at Evolved Enterprise, working closely with Yanik Silver to support businesses through authentic marketing. He's also in a band :)