We did it! 1,000 People Pulled from Extreme Poverty, Forever.

I’m so excited to announce that we did it!

Yes, we’ve hit our first audacious goal of funding an entire village of 50 interconnected micro-entrepreneurs with our long-time cause partner, Village Enterprise. We’re now sold out of the first 1,000 limited edition sets of Evolved Enterprise Village Visionary packages.

One hundred percent of the profits went to raise the $25,000.00 needed to fund these 50 new microenterprises in East Africa. Even better,  each new three-person business benefits an average of 20 people, so the ripple effect here will be pulling 1,000 people out of extreme poverty forever!

What can I say except…

“Thank you…Thank you…Thank you…”

It sounded like a bit of a pipe dream, but it’s all part of the bigger movement gaining momentum with Evolved Enterprise. Last year I pledged to give away 10,000 books (at cost) as seeds to start planting these ideas. We ended up reaching 12,000+ and haven’t looked back.

And now this next milestone is something we can all be proud of – but I couldn’t do it without the help of some remarkable individuals and partners.

(BTW – that’s exactly what happens when you operate as an Evolved Enterprise. Partners, investors, team members, vendors, etc., all step up to be part of the bigger mission.)

Big thank you, appreciations, and gratitudes to—

The Evolved Enterprise Team:

  • Mike Budny for being willing to step in wherever we needed to plug holes, keep the ship sailing, and just keep a grasp on the overall marketing and operations side of the house.
  • Dima Kozlov for helping me birth the original Evolved Enterprise launch and now providing the team framework for building out the next iteration.
  • Chris Hay for joining as an Evolved Enterprise Catalyst Coalition member and then realizing a bigger vision for his future involves helping other evolved entrepreneurs innovate what they’re doing to serve the world.
  • Tom Bell for helping co-create the messaging and extensive marketing material needed.
  • David Muntner for dedicated involvement to support this work wherever asked, primarily with supporting copy and community connection.
  • The Apprentice Team for continuing to believe in the greater vision of this message and supporting us in any way possible.

The Evolved Enterprise Vendor Partners:

  • Rich Selby, our printer, product creator, and fulfillment house but really so much more. Rich and his company have been so much more than a vendor and have instead been a true partner. When I told Rich about the special Village Impact project, he was the first to lend his full support to our outrageous deadlines and meeting price constraints. I highly recommend their company for printing, product creation, and fulfillment:  DirectToMarketSolutions.com
  • Vision Tech Team for their quick turnaround to meet pressing deadlines and innovative design: VisionTechTeam.com
  • Austin Felton, our hosting provider. Not only did they increase our page load times (important for conversions) but they put us on a scalable platform that performed flawlessly for us when we needed it most: Entrecloud.com
  • Patrick Combs for coaxing out a more elegant and compelling version of the Evolved Enterprise mission and story for me to be able to share. Patrick’s mission is to help Evolved Enterprises share their most meaningful impact story and make it sell. You can find him at www.PatrickCombs.com.

The Evolved Enterprise Co-conspirators & Endorsers:

  • From Sir Richard Branson, Tony Hsieh, Frank McKinney, and Blake Mycoskie to Ari Weinzweig at Zingermans and so many others who’ve shown me the pieces of the puzzle and allowed me to see further.
  • Forbes, Entrepreneur, Virgin, and numerous other media outlets and podcasts that have helped spread the ideas and framework.
  • Affiliate partners, buddies, and friends who have continued to promote and spread the message, and especially mad, huge props to Anik Singal from LURN.com, who completely crushed any expectations I had and pushed us over the top in a big way! (Side note: Anik and I met many years ago when I accepted his lunch invitation. My wife, Missy, thought it was a joke since “Anik” was “Yanik” without a “Y.” But that one lunch gave him the encouragement to continue pursuing his online ventures, and he’s built an incredible community that’s willing to get behind this cause!)
  • Lucy Werz, Simone Shaheen, Dianne Calvi, and all the incredible people at Village Enterprise for being extraordinary cause partners and making the real work happen on the ground. Their results are well documented and proven to make a huge difference. Check out their good work at VillageEnterprise.org.
  • To my wife Missy, thank you for putting up with so many 4 a.m. and 5 a.m. nights when I crawled into bed exhausted from writing and for being the voice of reason behind the company.
  • And finally, to every single buyer of the Evolved Enterprise book. Thank you for taking these ideas and truly changing the way business is played with us.

With immense gratitude and joy,

Yanik Silver