Which of These 11 Proven Evolved Impact Business Models Will Work Wonders for You?

I know when I see examples, things just ‘click’…

And seeing these different models will get you thinking and totally excited about applying the Evolved Enterprise™ framework and ideas to anything you’re doing.

You’ll practically have an unfair competitive advantage. No, I’m not joking..

You’ll win over customers and turn them into big-time promoters and advocates…

You’ll attract ‘A-players’ and retain top talent…

You’ll get your team aligned on a bigger mission and putting in their full hearts and minds…

You’ll have key partners and even high-profile celebrities excited to endorse you…

And you’ll have an almost unfair competitive advantage. (In fact, you can even take over entire industries. Including ones that even have major monopolies with a stranglehold in the marketplace.)

These examples will help you align your business with your passions, unique abilities and meaningful impact – while skyrocketing your profits.

It almost sounds too good to be true but they really, really work.

Most people may have seen 2 or 3 — but nobody else has documented all 11.

But before we jump into these Impact Models let me share with you five built-in ways Evolved Enterprises can create an impact. This is the low-hanging fruit that could bare significant leverage that’s likely underused or underappreciated. Plus, it’s fodder for how you might consider applying some of these models.

No matter the size or scope of your company, you already have different ways you can consider applying the Evolved Enterprise concepts without really spending a dollar.

1) Distribution channels. Think about what your “voice” can do via your email list, social followings, database, package inserts, etc.

2) Skills. Harness the specialized talents of your team, and put them to work to help causes that resonate with you. You can even micro-volunteer online.

3) Your product or services offered. Through the offerings you put out, you can make a difference.

4) Ideas. Use your entrepreneurial brainpower to make a difference for organizations that matter.

5) Employment/supply chain. Who you buy from can be a significant source of redirecting your already existing expenditures. And we already talked about the model of Empowered Employment.

Find out more...

Attention Evolved Entrepreneurs, Visionary creators and Maverick leaders ready to rewrite the rules of business – here’s how we can co-create innovative business solutions to some of the world’s biggest issues…

Consider how these five built-in ways to create an impact… they open a lot of possibilities.

When considering adding any of these elements or models of the Evolved Enterprise, it’s important to consider something not really talked about in business.

And that is the “soul” of your company.


By law, a corporation is its own entity, right?

And as an entity, AKA a “body,” the analogy follows that there is a soul inside. It can stand for something more. And just like we evolve, your business’ purpose can evolve too.

A business could be created with the purpose of simply maximizing bottom line profit, or it could be exponentially expanded by having a distinctive mission or big “‘WHY.”

In the Evolved Enterprise model, these two do NOT have to be mutually exclusive.

I’ve categorized 11 models —but in many cases, a combination of several really works synergistically.

I won’t go into depth on each one in this blog post as you can get the first three chapters of Evolved Enterprise here which includes all 11 Impact Models here. There are lots of examples here to get your gears turning.

Plus, we’ve created an easy cheat sheet of all 11 Impact Models complete with an example and visual representation for a quick reference infographic.


(Feel free to share it with your team and colleagues and spread the message.)

You can download the 11 Impact Models here.
After you open it, you can right click and select, ‘Save As’

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This is the perfect storm.

Stop daydreaming about that exciting business idea you’ve been putting off… and finally get going. I firmly believe you cannot simultaneously have within you a deep, deep desire for creating something great without also possessing the capabilities, talent and abilities to make it happen.

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