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2020 Vision Presentation

  You can download the full 20/20 Vision PDF right here. A few weeks ago for our annual Team Green retreat, I shared our finalized 2020 EcoVerse Vision with our “small but mighty” team. This is something I’ve been working on, doodling, journaling, and noodling on for years…. And as I started to read it…

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Which of These 11 Proven Evolved Impact Business Models Will Work Wonders for You?

I know when I see examples, things just ‘click’… And seeing these different models will get you thinking and totally excited about applying the Evolved Enterprise™ framework and ideas to anything you’re doing. You’ll practically have an unfair competitive advantage. No, I’m not joking.. You’ll win over customers and turn them into big-time promoters and…

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The Cosmic Alarm Clock

I know this might be a little strange, but have you ever felt like you’re destined for greatness? No, not in an egotistical type of way—but simply in a quiet, knowing way that you’re meant to make a real contribution with your time here. It usually starts with a sense of discontent or disengagement… A…

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This Bar Saves Lives: A Textbook Example of Top-Notch Community-Building

The name says it all: This Bar Saves Lives. There’s no mistaking it for a normal health food bar company. This Bar Saves Lives has a simple but very powerful impact model: If you buy one, they donate a packet of life-saving food to a child in need. They’ve incorporated some of the Evolved Enterprise…

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What Dogfish Head Ales Can Teach You About Creating a Fun, Engaging Culture

Dogfish is a brewing company in Delaware that’s grown immensely over the years. In fact, they’re probably one of the bigger craft brewers in the US. That didn’t happen by accident – Dogfish has done a great job of defining their culture so they attract “off-centered” people who are aligned with their core values… and…

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How One Company Is Preventing Diet-Related Illnesses… With Vending Machines

At a recent Underground seminar, I met Andy Mackensen, co-founder of HUMAN Healthy Vending along with and Scott Kelly. I was really impressed with the way they’re incorporating their big WHY into their business. It’s an exciting example of how having a cause can help focus your business. HUMAN Healthy Vending is also a really…

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