2020 Vision Presentation


You can download the full 20/20 Vision PDF right here.

A few weeks ago for our annual Team Green retreat, I shared our finalized 2020 EcoVerse Vision with our “small but mighty” team.

This is something I’ve been working on, doodling, journaling, and noodling on for years….

And as I started to read it aloud – I just started sobbing!

Yep, pretty much complete waterworks…

Trust me, this isn’t typical for me, but I was just so overwhelmed with emotion.

It wasn’t out of sorrow or pain – these were tears of joy and awe as the feeling of accomplishing my greatest work fully swept over me.

How all the struggles and sacrifices over the past few years led to figuring out all the pieces in place here…and how, just as easily, I could have turned my back on everything and not listened to my “cosmic alarm clock.”

You see, in my evolution, I’ve become obsessed with one thing – using business as a lever to make the greatest difference in the world. My ally and co-conspirator Richard Branson has said, “Business as usual doesn’t work anymore.”

And I agree.

Truth be told, I feel THIS is exactly why I’m on the planet and what I was designed to do – “instigating the instigators, connecting the connectors, and catalyzing the catalysts.”

And there’s no doubt about it – our world is in trouble…but I believe there is a solution.

The 20/20 vision (above) was inspired by the profound epiphany I had several years back. I’m going to show you  a system, a structure, a framework, a collective of the highest level co-conspirators… inside a true thriving ecosystem, which I call the Evolved EcoVerse.

As you might already know, I’m a pretty understated and fairly low-key guy…but one of my successful friends really called me out on this. He truly understood just how big and bold the vision really is – and exactly how it can help change the world as an inevitable byproduct. So he challenged me to really rally people in a bigger way behind this mission we’re building… 

…to really lead with my heart.

“Who are you to play smaller? Who does that serve? Not you, not the world. It’s a false humble. Your joy is in full service.”

Click here to download the 20/20 vision document.

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