Creation Done Right: How LSTN Seamlessly Integrates Their Product and Cause Together

A cool example of Creation done right is a company called LSTN Sound Company (pronounced “Listen”.) LSTN puts their bigger purpose front and center in everything they do, and it’s seamlessly integrated with the products they sell.

They regularly team up with the Starkey Hearing Foundation as a cause partner – and that’s on full display on their website.

Part of Creation is being ethically aggressive in our marketing. We want to sell as much as we can so we can make the biggest impact possible. In the video above,  you can see that LSTN is not shy about promoting their products.


Nor are they shy about highlighting their mission or the impact you can help create by buying their products.

When a lot of people read about or hear about Evolved Enterprises, they immediately think TOMS and their “Buy One, Give One” model. But many times B1G1 doesn’t work as well for their own company because it’s not as seamlessly integrated.

What I really like about LSTN is that there is a very authentic tie-in that makes a lot of sense. You get great audio gear and your purchase helps support the Starkey Hearing Foundation’s mission to help restore hearing worldwide.

The impact they’re making means people around the world are able to enjoy the sound of music. That ties together very nicely with their products.

And then LSTN can proudly show off the missions they’ve done to delivering hearing aids.

But an Evolved Enterprise product can’t just be a generic product with an impact attached to it. The social aspect can’t be the only thing that makes it stand apart. You need a very stylish, unique product as well. With LSTN, you can immediately see that their products are very unique and high-quality.


Their authentic wooden housings give you a higher quality sound and make every pair of headphones or speakers completely unique. On top of that, they point out that they use sustainably sourced wood.

And then, after establishing the quality of their products, they’ll also tell you how they make a difference:

“Every purchase helps someone hear for the first time through the Starkey Hearing Foundation… We believe that what’s good for business should be good for the world. That’s why every LSTN purchase helps give hearing aids to someone in need through Starkey Hearing Foundation. In the last 2 years, we’ve been able to help over 20,000 people around the world.”

I’ve been fortunate enough to personally go on two missions with Starkey and I can tell you firsthand that they make dramatic difference. Working with someone who’s never been able to hear for years or decades is an incredible experience.

Once I was with a friend of mine – another Maverick member – and we were working with a grandmother. You’re looking into her cataract eyes and there’s this amazing  flip of a switch that happens when you see them hear for the first time. It’s very moving and powerful! I nearly cried.

Her granddaughter had brought her in and said she’d never been able to hear since the granddaughter was born. Her granddaughter was probably around 25 or so.

So for 25 years her grandmother wasn’t able to hear her… and then you just see the tears stream out of her face as they’re finally able to communicate.

The way LSTN has partnered up with Starkey is really exciting and a perfect match for their company. This kind of seamless integration is a great example of Creation.