How One Company Is Preventing Diet-Related Illnesses… With Vending Machines

At a recent Underground seminar, I met Andy Mackensen, co-founder of HUMAN Healthy Vending along with and Scott Kelly. I was really impressed with the way they’re incorporating their big WHY into their business. It’s an exciting example of how having a cause can help focus your business.

HUMAN Healthy Vending is also a really good illustration of how a cause can come out of someone’s personal YOU evolution.

They do a great job of clearly expressing their mission and their core values to anyone who visits their website, The cause is clear and easy to get: “Easy Nutrition Everywhere.” They’ve also weaved their origin story in to explain why this cause is important to them.

The idea behind their big mission is “Could making healthful foods a norm in places we spend the most time at be a part of the puzzle for preventing diet-related illnesses?”
That’s their big WHY that inspired the idea of healthy vending machines, and it’s also reflected in their creation story.

Making your core values known is also an essential part of defining your company’s culture. HUMAN is a great example of how all these aspects of Evolved Enterprise really tie together.

But what I really want to focus on is the cause aspect. Even their name ties into the cause that drives the business – HUMAN stands for Helping Unite Mankind and Nutrition.

That’s why they’re called HUMAN. It perfectly reflects their vision, mission and core values. Easy nutrition everywhere has become their big cause, and their mission is to create “10,000 nutritional access points across all 50 states”.

HUMAN is also a good example of how to create a direct tie-in to a charity or cause partner. They donate 10% of profits to improving childhood nutrition through their charity, HUMAN Everywhere.

And here’s how they show their story in a visually appealing timeline:

This gives you a good picture of their story, incorporates credibility builders like the B Corp Certification and awards they’ve won, and shows you their journey to where they are right now.

HUMAN illustrates several aspects of the Evolved Enterprise framework, mainly revolving around Cause. It’s also a clear example of how your Cause really wraps around everything that you’re doing – including your creation story, your big WHY and how you want to engage your customers.

In this case, their customers are actually franchisees, so they want to engage their franchisees into the story of becoming more of a social entrepreneur. So they’re actually catalyzing other businesses to become a little more like an Evolved Enterprise.

I hope you’ll check out HUMAN Healthy Vending to get some great ideas for how you can apply these concepts to your own business. We also have a lot of examples from HUMAN in our swipe file that CO|alition members get access to as well, so check those out if you’re a member.