Stop trying to “Convince Me” with Oren Klaff

To change how the game of business is being played, we may need to alter how we “pitch” the ball.

Does the name Oren Klaff ring a bell?

If it doesn’t, then you’ve got some homework to do…

Among many other noteworthy achievements, Oren has closed billions of dollars worth of high stakes deals using his counterintuitive approaches and he also wrote THE book for selling, “Pitch Anything”.

This persuasion expert has a thing or two to say about marketing for the impact driven entrepreneurs out there.

Oren teaching the best ways to effectively position ourselves as business owners… as we sit together in a secluded swamp! 🙂

Why this is so important…

Now, before you watch the interview, it’s important to explain why we are putting together this content series.

We’ve seen a hole in the marketing and selling space for the individuals who need it most.  

Many of the people who have impactful missions, voices, and stories, haven’t yet found a way to powerfully and authentically communicate their messages to the right people, especially not in effective, lucrative, and sustainable ways.

This not only hurts your businesses, but it tarnishes the name of conscious capitalism, Evolved Enterprise, and marketing as a force for good.

In the full interview, Oren Klaff talks about raising your status while selling, when to be compelling v.s when to be convincing, when to offer the “big reveal” in your sales-page copy, and much more!

Watch the teaser clip below:


One of the most interesting things about Oren is his ability to blend assertive sales positioning with likability. When you meet Oren in person you can’t help but love his open and engaging communication…

Yet when it comes to putting an offer on the table, this guy doesn’t hold back.

If the deal is good for every party, then Oren will fight (or ethically persuade) until the very end so everyone can win and be rewarded.

Oren’s biggest advice for you is to stop being timid when it comes to selling yourself and your big idea, and instead to puff up your chest and confidently sell yourself and your products!

Be courageous and position yourself as the authority that you are :).



About The Author

David Muntner

David is a copywriter at Evolved Enterprise, working closely with Yanik Silver to support businesses through authentic marketing. He's also in a band :)